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Entry #8

Its been a while...

2011-10-09 12:02:03 by Kammce

Since I made a post on Newgrounds.

I just hope I can finally submit the finished version of A.T.K.A, which has been complete for about two years, but the game has so many bugs that I just dropped development on it.

On another note, sooner than later, I will submit my old stick-figure animation and Reflex part 2 (together). Reflex part 2 will 10x more action and will be much longer than part 1. Part 1 was a test of my ability to see if I could actually animate a stick figure fight frame-by-frame, although I never really expected to get any good comments on Newgrounds, because of the huge amount of users who have such high standards for anything and everything that is submitted to Newgrounds. Its funny because they rate so harshly without actually having the ability to animate in Flash (or any other animation software).

But can I say, but tis life.
And if all this fails, I can go back to what I am good at; software engineering, server development/maintenance and Website design. :P


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